Let’s tell a good story

At ERC, we believe every client has a great story to tell and we strive to make that story not only heard, but resonate and motivate with the target audience.

Every good story has a hero, a journey, and the revelations that get them to their goal. And that’s what guides us in our partnership process with you.

Listen: Getting to know our hero
We start with asking our clients a lot of questions about who they are, where they started, and where they want to go. We work closely with you to understand your needs, goals, and vision.

Discover: Revealing the journey
We then do our own deep dive into the marketplace, competitors, current perceptions. It’s in this discovery phase where we uncover, identify, and articulate key strategic differentiators about your business and offerings to claim your unique voice and brand.

Create: Venturing forth, forging the path
This is when we develop the messaging and the media– working in print, digital or video, we provide the creative solutions that will inspire and motivate our target audience to action.

Deliver: Ensuring our hero’s success
We make sure that the message and media creative solutions we provide are of high quality, are in the right place at the right time, and their success can be measured.

This is not…

It’s a new beginning.