ERC Co. introduces Business to Human (B2H)

ERC Co. introduces Business to Human (B2H)


Historically, marketers have divided target audiences into two categories: Business To Consumer (B2C) and Business To Business (B2B). ERC Co. wondered why there had to be a distinction between the two. Isn’t there always a person somewhere along the line making a decision? Whether one is buying a candy bar at a convenience store or a computer for the office, shouldn’t we just market to people as people? Enough with B2C and B2B…it’s as simple as Business to Human TM (B2H).
B2H could have only come about after the advent

of the Internet and the proliferation of media (including social media), which has blurred the lines between consumer and business. Back in the day, you’d go to work and do work – with minimal work at home. People’s consumption of media has changed dramatically and the way we think about media consumption (and now participation) had to change along with it.


ERC set out to define this “new way” to think about people, the way they interact and exchange
information… thereby changing how we think about marketing. It’s not about business or consumer anymore, it’s about businesses talking to “people as people” where, when and how they engage e.g. “Business to Human.”
Business to Human is the lens through which we plan marketing for our clients. We strive to create compelling, creative solutions that appeal to people emotionally. And we back it up with years of ad agency experience, research, data, and the McKinsey Decision Journey, a proven model of purchasing behavior. Let us show you how it works.
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