Is my advertising agency doing its job? Four key questions to ask yourself.

As a client who pays its advertising agency (or multiple agencies in some cases) a ton of money every year, how can you quickly know whether or not your agency is doing its job? P.S.- it’s not always about winning awards…

Here are the four key questions that you should ask yourself:
1. Has our business and Return On Investment (ROI) improved since we hired our agency? If your answer is yes, then you’re probably in good shape. Our recommendation would be to stay the course. But, if your answer is no, you need to ask yourself if there’s a market situation or other business reason that has adversely effected the performance of what your agency has delivered. If you can’t think of anything happening in the market, perhaps it’s time to think about a new agency.

2. Do they challenge me at every turn? Do you fear having conversations with your agency? Ugh. That’s not a good thing. If your agency is combative by nature or if you cringe when you have to call them with a suggestion, then it’s time you rethink your agency. It shouldn’t have to be an uncomfortable process to get good marketing developed and implemented. A strong agency partner will not only listen to your ideas and suggestions; but, provide you with rationale for (or against) why your idea is solid (or not). And, if they don’t agree with you, they most certainly should offer to provide a Point-of-View (POV) with rationale.

3. Are they are just a big “pain in the ass”? If it’s truly painful working with your current agency and making little changes are just too much to bear – or if they are so difficult to deal with that it’s counter-productive – it might be time to find yourself a new agency.

4. Does my agency proactively bring me business-building ideas? This is a biggie. When was the last time your agency brought forth unsolicited business-building ideas? Last year when your account was up for review? Two years ago when they first won your business? A month ago when they first set up their internal social media group?

Your agency should ALWAYS be thinking about your business. They should ALWAYS be bringing you new marketing, advertising and communications ideas. Some of these ideas will be fantastic while others will be “not-so-great,” but it’s important to restock the marketing arsenal frequently. With the ever-changing social media landscape, staying on top of trends is important for the success of most businesses.

From your perspective, it’s all about NO FEAR! There should be no fear in challenging your agency! No fear in questioning your agency’s recommendations! No fear in asking why they want to do something!

If you’re looking for a new agency alternative, please give ERC a call.

My name is Eric Revels and I stand behind ERC Co. – along with everything we do for our clients. We’d love to talk to you. Just let me know what works.

Thanks for your time,

Eric Revels
Owner, Creative Director

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